All items are 1/12th. scale and are available in kit form or ready made up. My items are all made from top quality very thin leather

The pics below are only a sample of a few of the kits that I make - see my eBay for my current range

 All kits are 1/12th. scale and contain --- full easy to follow instructions,

Leather/fabric cut to size, all brass fittings and trims required, formers if needed.

All you need is PVA tacky glue, small sharp scissors and a little time and patience.

All items are non-opening unless stated otherwise   

 Inland - all  items are sent POST FREE  Second class 

 Overseas - £2.80 Economy Mail  You pay only one post & pack charge however many items you purchase.

Hatbox Handbag & Gloves     KIT £4.50 ---- MADE UP £8.00

Mid-blue leather Hatbox with Cinamon leather trim & brass 'lock'

Matching Handbag with brass 'clasp' & Gloves                         

Set of two Suitcases    KIT £4.75------MADE UP £8.50

Tan leather with brown leather trim & brass 'locks'

small case 38 x 25 x 12 mm.      larger case 51 x 33 x 14mm.         

Briefcase & newspaper   KIT  £3.50    MADE UP  £6.00

Briefcase is in medium tan leather with brass buckles & 'lock'

Front page of a 'newspaper'                                       

 Set of two Suitcases    KIT £4.75------MADE UP £8.50

Chocolate brown leather with tan leather trim & brass 'locks'

small case 38 x 25 x 12 mm.      larger case 51 x 33 x 14mm.     

 Hatbox, Handbag & Gloves    KIT £ 4.50 ---- MADE UP £8.00 

Claret leatherwith Beige leather trim & brass 'lock' 

Matching handbag with brass 'clasp' and gloves                

 Carpet bag & shawl     - KIT £3.50 ---- MADE UP £6.00

Woven fabric, leather handles & trim, brass buckle

Fabric for a very fine wool shawl (no sewing required)               

Hatbox, Handbag & Gloves    KIT £ 4.50 ---- MADE UP £8.00 

Matching handbag with brass 'clasp' and gloves  


3 Handbags + 1 pair of gloves   KIT £ 4.00 ---- MADE UP £7.00 

Red clutch bag, Brown casual bag, Navy blue classic handbag 

All in leather with brass 'clasps'                               

 4 paIrs of Spectacles     £3.50

Solid brass - no glass!!


 4 pairs of buckles     £3.50

4 pairs of small ' locks'     £3.50    for 1/12th. briefcases etc. and 1/24th. items

4 pairs of larger 'locks'     £3.50   for 1/12th. trunks & suitcases   

 Solid brass ----- See them on my luggage

Lots of different very thin leather

on my eBay now inland post free


All leather priced per piece as below :-

6 x 2½ inches   ---   £6.00 for 6 pieces

6 x 5 inches     ----   £6.00 for 3 pieces 

6 x 7½ inches    ---   £6.00 for 2 pieces


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