I have eleven 1/12th scale room boxes which are decorated and furnished to illustrate the ever changing style of interior decoration and furnishings during the last century.

I am happy to take these to club meetings to illustrate a talk that I give on how life styles as well as the rooms that we live our lives in change with each generation.

Each room box covers approximately a decade and they move in style from the fussy over furnished style loved by the late Victorians through the years of depression and war to the antiques craze of the latter part of the century and the minimalist style that the dawn of the 21st Century has brought.

I encourage my audience to take an active part by adding their own reminiscences of furnishings and life styles, very carefully controlled of course!!

My talk generally takes about three quaters of an hour but it can be condensed or stretched to suit the time available.

Some extra time needs to be allowed after the talk for a close look at the rooms.

My fee is £45.00

Plus my travelling expenses of 15p per mile, while petrol prices remain under £1.50 per litre (to be reviewed if fuel prices rise above £1.50 per litre)




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